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  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
    JBT Electric Concrete Mixer With Pump
    Power type : Motor
    Electric motor : 37kw 45kw
    Theoretical output : 30m3/h 40m3/h
    Max. concrete pumping pressure : 10 MPa
    Theoretical delivery distance : 120/350 160/500
    Total weight : 5000kg 5500kg
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    Parameters Of JBT Concrete Mixer Pump

    Item JBT30 JBT40
    Theoretical output (m3/h) 30 40
    Max. concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 10 10
    Power type Motor Motor
    Electric motor (kw) 37 45
    Main oil pump Jinda Kawasaki
    Main oil pump capacity (ml/min) 71 112
    Theoretical delivery distance (m) 120/350 160/500
    Hopper capacity (L) 550 550
    Max. aggregate diameter (mm) 20/30 30/40
    Inside diameter of delivery pipe (mm) Φ100 Φ150
    Loading capacity of the mixer (L) 560 720
    Unloading capacity of the mixer (L) 350 450
    Mixing motor (kw) 5.5 5.5
    Hoisting motor (kw) 4.5 4.5
    Dimension length x width x height 4500x2200x2800 4800x2200x2800
    Total weight (kg) 5000 5500

    Introduction Of JBT Series Concrete Mixer With Pump:
    JBT concrete mixer pump combines the functions of concrete mixing and conveying. Be movable with types from one construction site to another. Pump not only large size aggregate concrete, but also fine stone concrete or mortar. Be suitable for the small and middle-scale road and house projects. It can also work in the power shortage areas by equipped with generator set. 
    Features Of JBT Concrete Mixer Pump:
    Adopt Open hydraulic system, which is with stable and reliable performance, low failure rate.
    Integration control for mixing and pumping, wireless remote control, which makes operation convenient.
    Specialized double doors for the electrical box, which is with dust proof, water proof and good sealed performance.
    Adopt wear-resistant alloy materials for the concrete mixer, prolong the service life.
    Equipped with double row tires, which can bear heavy weight, stand steady, and be towed on the rough road.
    Advantages Of JBT Concrete Pump With Mixer:
    Main oil pump. Adopt domestic famous brand or Rexroth, Kawasaki series.
    Lubrication system. Adopt automatic lubrication system, high oil pressure with stable lubrication effect.
    Power system. Adopt domestic and world famous motor and diesel engine.
    Control system. Adopt Japan Omron PLC control system, equipped with wireless remote control, makes the operation more flexible and convenient.
    Electric parts. Main electric elements are from Schneider or ABB, highly improved the reliability.
    Seal parts. Big oil cylinder’s seal components adopt American Parker.
    Hydraulic rubber hose joints. Adopt American Eaton, insures the safety and no leakage of hydraulic system.
    S valve. Wear-resistant cast iron materials, enjoys the advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing.
    Glass plates and cut loops. Made of anti-wearing horniness alloy, has long service life.
    Concrete piston. Precisely processed by imported material, enjoys the features of hydrolytic resistant, wear resistant and high temperature resistant.

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